Snapshots, sticky settings, more command line access, or scripting access

been working with snapshots a lot. somethings that are missing is setting the options that are available in the dialog when using the command line so we can’t macro out a full command with all the options. or in place of that, sticky settings that are saved across sessions.

possible or am i missing something?


also, this is nit picky, but for consistency sake, we can use the icon to save, but there is no ability to save a snapshot from the context menu. also maybe a menu item that is update instead of save so it bypasses the dialog. when i first started using them i kept expecting to see an update option. thanks.


We need to access specific Snapshot settings (selective properties) via Command Line so this can be used in scripts and macros. Currently I see only “Save” in command line but is saves ALL data which is hardly ever needed and bloats the file quickly.
How do I save Sun+Skylight+Environment data only via command line / script?
( hi @lars, making sure you are seeing this)



Hi @Jarek,

that is not possible at the moment and needs to be changed. I have created a Youtrack item for this:


Hi @lars ,

Thank you, looking forward to having this option. I was trying to automate the overall “Lighting” setup via scripts and save/restore all related Snapshots settings, but looks like we’ll need to wait with this.
Exposing the Snapshot settings directly to the scripting engine, apart from command line options, would be a nice development of this tool as well, not sure if this is on the to-do list.

thanks again-


It was not on the to-do list. Now it is:


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