Snapshots not snappy

Using Snapshots for the first time with the goal of showing construction steps of a wood structure, I realize that it is extremely slow.
Now of course, it all depends on the geometry and how much of it is in the file, but I consider this as a tiny file with very simple objects.

Switching between snapshots take around 10 second, and my attempt to run a slideshow resulted into this :

Rhino out of memory

I’d like to hear about other user’s experience with this, but at first glance, I find it totally un-useable.

my advise: stay away from it
it completely messes up your models if you’re not super careful, and even if you are careful it will mess up your models. Totally unreliable


but before starting another heated thread … I prefer that McNeel focusses on block related issues first, and I mean that seriously. I can’t even begin to explain what goes wrong and how it goes wrong with snapshots, the couple of times I used it, it left me completely confused of what Rhino did to the model. If you happen to move things or add things you’ll quickly enter into a nightmare. If you want snapshots: save a different version of your file instead

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OK, got it. I will avoid it completely.
It’s a shame because it’s a nice concept for presentations.
I also agree that it’s way more important to clean-up Blocks than making this work.

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Yes, I tried to use it for configurations of a product, but it required me to change positions and materials of objects. All sorts of nasty things happened. I guess it works nicely for the orientation of a single cube, other than that I wouldn’t rely on it. So far that tool is a waste of resources. Maybe it works for layer states, but for that we have the layer state manager. Thing is, if you alter the model after making any snapshots, I think there is where hell starts to break loose.

After reviewing many other similar threads about Snapshot, I wonder why McNeel doesn’t simply take that command down, for the sake of decency.

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I agree, I believe it is a buggy, dangerous command that should be flagged as ‘alpha stage’ / ‘experimental’ / ‘TestMakeSnapshot’ @pascal

Can you provide us with a command sequence to follow that will result in this problem?
Then I can get it to the developer and get it fixed.

So far based on the incomplete description, I’m not able to duplicate the issue.


By curiosity, have you searched “Snapshot” on this forum ?
You will not find much praise and satisfaction.
Sending my file in PM.
You will see how a 65MB file can take up to 11 GB of RAM thanks to snapshots.

Here another recent topic about the same problem.

We’ll see what the McFinland developers have to say.
Issue comments are open to public viewing, but the Rhino file is not.

On the plus side, and by contrast to snapshots, I’d like to acknowledge that Worksessions have become quite efficient and stable.
We use them a lot to dispatch work between collaborators while keeping a global view of the project.