Snapshots Creation


I am digging through the API and I can’t seem to find an option to create a snapshot via the API.

Any ideas?


They can be created via a Rhinocommand… Not ideal. I can make it work.

Correct, Snapshot API is pretty much command-only. In RhinoCommon you have only access to the snapshot name list.

This is because snapshots is really a separate plug-in that only uses RhinoCommon, but not provide anything new there.

Hi Nathan, I’m also trying to access snapshots from Rhino.Inside. What are the commands to interact with the snapshots? In the plugin properties there’s only one commands that’s exported: “snapshots”, which creates the panel. Is there any commands list to switch, create, delete snapshots?
I can’t find much in the documentation.

Hi @omigamedev, you’ll have to use RunScript and use the commands to manipulate the snapshots.

Which are these commands? I can’t find them in the documentation.
In the Snapshots plug-in there’s only one command that’s reported (which opens the dialog).

Use the dashed command version "-Snapshots " (notice the ‘-’ before command!).
For instance, from RhinoCommon, in order to create a Snapshot, something like this should work (not tested yet):

RhinoApp.RunScript("-_Snapshots _Save mySnap _Enter ", true)

Maybe have a look at this to: