Auto Make Snapshot active by name

Hi, I managed to set selected Rhino Views active, when I try to do the same thing to snap shots, I have this 2 troubles.

  1. I can’t get the snapshot obejct using a similar way.

  2. I am not sure when I push the view info things will work as the same

Hello- you can always fall back on the Rhino command

rs.Command (“_-Snapshots Restore " + chr(34) + “Snapshot name” + chr(34) + " Enter Enter”)


hey Pascal, is there a way I can get the snapshot object id and the settings of it layer/display mode/… etc. The rhino command method still need me to manually input the name. (not sure if I used it correctly or not)

Hi Hali - I don’t know what the rest of the script is doing, but you should be able to keep track of the snapshot name (your ‘opt-1’ - where does that come from?) and put it in the command string as a variable to run the Rhino command version.

rs.Command (“_-Snapshots Restore " + chr(34) + name_variable + chr(34) + " Enter Enter”)

You may be able to do all of this from RhinoCommon, I will see if I can figure that out, but for now, this ought to work, I think.


Hey Pascal,

Thanks a lot! I played with it for a bit longer, the " Enter" need to be " _Enter" to work.

If you figure out how to get snapshots and their other info from Rhino Common, please let me know. There are other scripts I am working on that can’t find a way of using only rs.Command. For instance, grab the layer visibility from a snapshot and over write another one.