Snapshot increase file size (also if only layer states are saved)

Hi @lars and @nathanletwory or who like to help. :wink:

I’m working on a viz project where I need to render nearly hundred dental imlantats. I save the layer state for each implantat as layer snapshot and my file size increase and increase … .

Please check the snapshot tool and try to find the reason for this unwanted increase. I hope it can be fixed.


If memory serves me right then snapshot essentially saves a copy of all the data you have selected to create the snapshot.

I don’t know much about layer states, and what data is all needed with those, but when create a snapshot make sure you don’t save more than needed.

I selected to save the layer info only. My file size increased from 460MB to 640MB and I need to save more states.

An other issue - if I open my project file and there is one implantat at the viewport shown, than the RAM usage of Rhino is 4GB. I have approx. 40 snapshots. Now I delete three snapshots and the RAM usage increase to 13GB. If I try to delete all snapshots than the RAM usage fast increase until Rhino crashs at ~40GB. Looks like Snapshots is a dangerous tool which need some improvements.

If I take my saved project file without Snapshots and import the snapshot than the file size increase from 460MB to 490MB only. I get the same functionality but no strong file size increase.

Snapshot is a great helper to render mass data for catalogs, but the problems needs to be solved. What can I do to get the snapshot improved and the issues fixed?


I logged an issue:

Could you send me a file that reproduces the problem?

@lars I run I an other bug. I saved nearly hundred snapshots, each for the layer state only and saved the Rhino file. Later I imported the snapshots to a previous file of the project to keep the file size small. But during the import all other snapshot properties are enabled too, so that not only the layer states are recalled. I need to edit all snapshot to bring them back to layerstates only.

@Micha I logged another issue: