Snapshots - Layer

Hi There,

Anyone else having the problem that the “Layers” option and its drop down is missing from the snaphots selection properties?

Sometimes it seems to appear but by default it is gone.

How do you select layer states in snapshots now?

yes, I saw this problem too last week, I was in the middle of a deadline so I swore away quietly and used some workarounds. I forgot to report it. Still happening here. Layers + Views is the most useful combo for me, so this hopefully gets fixed soon.

To whom it may concern

Is this a bug? Will it be fixed?



Hi Justin,
I’ve tried this a few times on different files but was never able to reproduce the issue here.
Could you post the result of the Rhino SystemInfo command here and perhaps also a file that causes this on your end?

Here’s what I get when opening a new file and trying to save the view as a snapshot

Can’t see the layer option either.

I thought it might be related to having no objects and only 1 layer but when I created 5 layers with each an object on top I get the same.

Just so we have that - could you post a simple file and your SystemInfo information?
@andy, any ideas about this?