SNAPPING or CUTTING in SubD..? Why is it so hard..?

Hi. I work with SubD at the moment and why the snapping don’t work like Nurbs Modeling?

I go crazy, I want put the two vertex-points to the intersection of the two faces at the edges.
Why the snap at the intersection don’t work? Ihave to do every time a hard workaround. :frowning:

I would be great, if I take this tool and it snaps at a subd edge…

Here is my Corner with intersection.

On Top View the tool don’t snap to the edge from the other subd edge.

How can I Snap fast with Intersections? Why I cant cut Faces in subd…? With cutting the problem were gone and you can work very precise.

If possible, post a Rhino file of at least a part of your geometry…

sub d snapping.3dm (194.2 KB)

sorry… i want do it but i forget.

Under Settings, Modeling Aids there’s an option “Near, Mid, Int and Perp snap to mesh objects” which you did not have activated. I quickly created two mesh faces on the two intersecting SubD faces to test. The snap option works on mesh intersections but it doesn’t seem to help on your SubD unfortunately.

Thank you. but yes, its not realy in my case helpful.
If I could draw lines in subd with intersectin planes would be helpful.

My actual workflow looks like this. i rebuild the subd faces with nurbs surfaces and trim or cut. then i put the vertices and drop them to the edges of my fresh cutted nurbs for positioning the vertices on right place. then i delete the nurbs…
this can’t be the right way for acurate working with sub d…??

Well, the fact NURBS can be “trimmed” was and remains the killer feature that meant all CAD systems were built on them, and everything else is a neat toy with advantages for very specific kinds of shapes, so… kinda? You need a very different workflow from how you would use NURBS.

In this specific case, and assuming you want to join the two faces at the intersection, use Stitch and when you come to select the Stitch Location use SmartTrack to align with the vertex at the other end of the edge:

You can also use SetPt to tweak vertices.


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cool. i will check it at the evening. :slight_smile: this can be helful for me.

thats right… sub d is complete different. but i missing some features to work accurate.
rhino is in some cases better than speedform from autodesk. but in speedform you get some helpful tools to correct your surfaces.

Thanks for your thoughts. :grinning:

And it looks like you will want to in the Front view…

@nik.mvk Slide will prevent edges from being directly on top of one another, this is a good thing as it prevents geometry errors in the SubD. The slid edge will get very very close to the one you slide towards but will not overlap it, this is easiest to see in box mode when zoomed in.

Use Stitch instead if you want the two edges or verts to be in the exact same spot as they will also get welded together so you don’t have duplicate coincident geometry.

Please enable snapping to SubD endpoints as it was possible with T-Splines. It is necessary to achieve accuracy in designing complex assemblies. Snapping is vital for it.

Hello - the Vertex OSnap will find the ends of subd face edges - does that help? If you enable SnapToMeshes, Near, Mid will also work on SubD edges.


Yes, that’s right. I figure it not long after posting the question.
Vertex Osnap snaps to SubD points. My tongue was quicker than thought. I apologize for the rashness and thank you.