Smoothing out a curve in Top view visual feedback with

V4 or V5
What is there that will give ‘as it happens’ visual feedback of a curve being adjusted for smoothness ?

example…draw an S shaped curve in Top view at an approx 45 deg angle , run Smooth command

we have to choose XYZ, so if its at that angle and I want to lessen the S bend I guess thats X and Y ?

Chose Fix Boundaries as I want the ends to stay where they are.

try one value hit ok, then try again , and again…I need a slider and wish to see the curve changing.

I try 5 and instead of more smoothing out its got a bad kink in it.


Multiple hits of Smooth with low values tends to give better results than one with a large value.



but what of my need of sliders and as it happens feedback ?


“Sliders and as it happens feedback” could probably be built in Grasshopper.

  • or -

What I do for fairing/smoothing curves is to apply Smooth or Fiar, look at the result, and if I don’t like the result use Undo to backup. I also use the right mouse button to repeat the last repeatable command. So Smooth with a small value of the smooth parameter, look at the result, if more smoothing is needed then right mouse button and click on the dialog box, look at the result, etc. until the curve has been smoothed enough. If I go too far then Undo.

Curves can also be smoothed/;faired with more control by turning on the curvature comb for the curve and then moving control points. Takes some time and patience though.