Smooth - bug and suggestion

Hi All,

Bug with Nurbs: the realtime preview is not working properly, it may show something if you choose just one axis, but once you select more than one, the result is a surprise.

Suggestion for SubD and Nurbs: If you use the fix boundary option with some internal polygons/control points selected, the options doesn’t do anything. Shouldn’t it preserve the perimeter of the selection?

Rhino 8.6.24093.11001

Hi Joaquin - can you provide an example for your first point? My quick test here seems OK but I am not sure what you are smoothing etc. to get the error.


Hi @pascal, the command is working for subD and Nurbs, But the effect is much more clear if you see the control points moving wile dragging the slider. Apparently the only case that gives such feedback is when you have a SubD in polygon mode, once you toggle to smooth mode, it just shows the isocurves but the control points.
So my suggestion is, can we have visible control points moving while moving the smooth slider?