Smooth mesh without thinning?

Hey! I have this mesh that resulted from topological optimization (done in Fusion360) and I would like to make it a lot smoother, the problem is that when I use the smooth command, the smoothing is directly proportional to the thinning of those “pillars”, which is inconvenient since I Would like to keep them close to the original (because the material is somewhat calculated), while getting rid of the jagged surface. Is there a way to smooth this surface (the red one) without getting significantly thinner members if I smooth it to a desirable degree? Thank You!

I do not have a good idea - you could try smoothing mostly in Z and not so much in XY… but I am not really that optimistic.


since there is no adaptative smoothing in rhino or a smooth brush at least, I would sugest you other softwares to handle meshes, like meshmixer, sculptris or even with the sculpt mode of the Clayoo plugin.