Smooth intersection between two polysurfaces

I am trying to join these polysurfaces together while making the joints smooth. This is my first CAD attempt in many years so I apologize if I am missing something obvious. All of the suggestions I have found online seem to only apply to simple shapes. I have uploaded my files from before and after the boolean union command. Any suggestions are most appreciated.

Final 2.3dm (502.1 KB) Final 2 seperate.3dm (379.8 KB)

I guess the easiest is to give yourself some transition space and then make BlendSrfs to bridge across- is that kind of what you need?

Final 2 seperate_PG.3dm (322.7 KB)


Yes, that is very close. I have been trying to make the blendsrf work but I can’t get it to mesh with the top piece. I end up with a mess like this:

I can blendsrf the bottom piece to a simple polysurface shape but not the curved top piece that I am trying to work with. All of the videos and help I have found aren’t clarifying what I am messing up. Do you know of a good resource to better understand blendsrf?

Hi there,

Have you not tried creating the geometry flat and then flowing to curve? Using a twist transformation or loft?