Smooth Curves Through a Fuselage

Hi there,
I just wanted to ask what would be the most accurate way to create the curves for this Fuselage with this imported Autocad Plans having the Final Surface as smooth as possible…

I have done a Sweep 2 rails, by taking the upper part of the fuselage (closing the cabin) and bottom curve, and all the ellipses in between (doing a Sweep 2 rails), but the surface is not smooth (when I applied the Zebra Analysis).

Any ideas?

Here is the TOP view when I do the Sweep 2 rails… Look at the sides… the surface is not smooth. I guess the middle ellipses in the cabin from the original are not 100% correct. Any ideas to create a smooth surface?

I am also attaching the Zebra Analysis so you can see that the surface is not smooth. Any ideas?

The input curves need to be reduced to the minimum number of control points that provide the required accuracy to the desired shapes. Also if possible the input curves should have the same number of control points with similar arrangements. If the input curves are true ellipses (or sections of ellipses) then use the Ellipse command to create the curves.

I have finally solved the problem… by doing it with SWEEP 2 RAILS, the surface was not 100% correct. I have done the surface with “CURVE NETWORK” and now it is nicely done.

Many thanks