Flow on surface rhino


Does anyone know why my flow on surface won’t go all the way around or to the extremities?

Unrollsrf to get the flat surface?
looking for a good tutorial.

Unfortunately I tried that as well and it wouldn’t work.

@Jash, how about UnrollSrfUV to get the base surface. Sorry that’s about all I tried…

Or could be shrinktrimmedsrf of the original surface then do unrollsrf or unrollUV may work?

Flow along surface is a 1:1 mapping from an untrimmed base surface to an untrimmed target surface. If either the base or target surfaces are trimmed, then the results will be unpredictable.

Also check your command-line setting Stretch, make sure it’s set to Yes.

Otherwise, if nothing above works, you will have to post the file in order for someone to be able to analyze what’s going wrong.