Small WISH: Multiple Selection in Selection Menu

In Selection Menu, it’d be nice if it’s possible to select the multiple items using Shift click, or Alt or Ctrl.


Added to the pile, thanks.



This is a must in Rhino 7. Here is another take on the idea. :slight_smile:

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Either multi-selection with Shift or adding ticks like this would do a wonderful job, especially with more than 5-10 objects in the selection menu list.

Also, I have a proposition for the “Select by object name” ("’_SelName") command, maybe as a secondary version of it activated via the command line with a prompt like “Region select”. It would be nice for this option to let you draw a window selection, then the “Select by object name” is activated immediately and its pop-up window should show you a list of only those objects that where fully or partially inside the pre-drawn region. This is a much more convenient way to browse across a limited number of objects. For the moment, I usually use the “Isolate” command to show only some objects, then use the “Select by object name” command to browse across them, but it’s a problem when I already had multiple objects isolated. I can use a secondary isolate command via script, bit sometimes it’s also in use. A region select of the objects to be subsequently selected by the “Select by object name” command is a much more intelligent way to limit the objects in the pop-up list of available objects.

This is a no-brainier imho.
100% support for this request.

I also support this request. +1

Hi all,

While I think giving that us options to play ‘whack em all’ like this game here:

I like to bring up this discussion started by @Jarek where I proposed some solutions to truly try to offer the user a lot more clarity and effective context to select precisely what we are looking for:



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Just a reminder that those two requests from my post above are much needed in Rhino.

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Yes. Pleeeeeease :heart:

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