Slope of a surface - Python

Does someone have code or a formula for determining the slope of a surface using Python in Rhino? The surfaces 3 and 4 point surfaces that are planar.

Find the lowest and highest corner points and then measure the line between them.

Could do midpoints between corners if there was a orientation that slope was measured in.

Hi Mike - I guess it might not always be clear what line you care about, depending on the surface orientation - do you have an example?

There is DimCreaseAngle in plain Rhino too. Use this with your plane and a horizontal one.

Here’s a thing I found in the pile and tuned up - see how that goes. (3.8 KB)

It’s surface angle really, not slope - it could be slope…


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For an arbitrary planar surface, I might project a small circle onto the surface (or its plane if all you need is a vector), get the world-oriented bounding box, intersect the bounding box with the projected circle and connect the two intersection points - that should be your slope line/vector.

Hi, I think I would try taking the surface normal and getting the angle from vertical / from horizontal.

Another option … :slight_smile:

Here is the script that I’ve been using for exactly that purpose. (2.2 KB)

You can pick a (planar) surface or a (linear) curve.

Just hit Enter to get rid of the text dot after using the script.


@Dancergraham - Hey Graham… I moved forward with your suggestion. Here’s the code if you are interested… (1.6 KB)

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