Slightly OT: SMB2 and iOS printing

Might be a silly question but will Apples detour on the file haring front have any impact on printing?

Will iOS devices be able to connect to windows hosted printers without 3rd party software?

OS X currently supports some SMB features, but I do not know if that includes printers.

If you are asking if Apple’s announced support for SMB2 in OS X Mavericks have any effect on Apple’s support for printers - I have no idea. You’ll need to wait for the release of OS X Mavericks and then ask Apple.

If you are asking about Rhino and printing, this will have no effect. Printing in any OS X application goes through the OS, and the OS is responsible for supporting the printer.

As far as I know, the SMB2 announcement is only about OS X and not iOS.

Hi @marlin marlin,

Yep, I’m talking about Apple’s announcement of (what I understood as) SMB2 being now the native file sharing protocol and if it will impact on iOS software ability to print directly to windows shared printers. I’d assume Apple would update iOS to natively print using such protocols if Mavericks’ printing engine swung that way.