Printing from Rhino 8

I’m using Rhino 8 on a MacBook Pro with MacOS 14.2.1.

When attempting to print, the driver for my printer shows in the printer list, but…

  1. No image of the view to be printed appears. (See attached screenshot)
  2. The “Properties” button does nothing when clicked.
  3. The “Print” button closes the Print window, but does not activate the printer.

The only way to print is to save and a pdf and then print the pdf. While this is a workaround for now, I would prefer to print directly to a printer.

Please let me know if you need further information.


Hi John,

This was reported recently and we’ve been able to replicate, the internal builds have this sorted out and we expect it to be available to the public soon (8.5?)

one way to check is to run the GetIssueState in the Rhino command line and input the issue number, in this case its RH-79723

Thank you for your prompt reply. And, thank you for supplying the case number so that I can check on the status.

BTW… I love Rhino! It makes a profound contribution to my work as a budding metalsmith.


I have a client reporting that no connected physical printers at all show up (only PDF and Image) when trying to print from Mac Rhino 8.4, and have one other person who is seeing the same thing… Is that correct?

Please see attached screenshot. The connected printers show in the list, but do absolutely nothing. As you can see, there is no print preview. Clicking on the print button closes the print window, but does nothing else.

The pdf and image selections do work.

Thanks for your continuing efforts to investigate this.


What’s interesting is that I opened V7 to check if the printer was in the list there - which it was - and then went back and opened V8 - and then it showed up in the list as well… Did V7 do something to get the printer registered in V8? Anyway, with V8 now, it does print to the printer here.

Thanks for the update. I’m pleased that you have the printing working in your lab. Any idea when there might be a release that includes this fix?