Sliders Values and Names to Text?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it would be possible to have all the values of the sliders in a document + their name transcribed onto a panel. Maybe with a C# script?

Thanks in advance

You could use Metahopper features that does this, but you should select your sliders whatever order you want first.
Maybe some script can offer you a non-selective way?

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Here’s a GHPython approach:

2019-08-04%2009_03_49-Grasshopper%20-%20190804_GetSliderNamesValues_GHPython_00_ (3.2 KB)

Edit: With some slight formatting:
2019-08-04%2009_11_02-Grasshopper%20-%20190804_GetSliderNamesValues_GHPython_01 (3.0 KB)


You can start with something like this in C#


Thank you guys!

In fact this is the proper/classic way to do it > do a class …

… gather any “properties” you want and then write any query imaginable: (116.7 KB)

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