How to read slider names the Shapediver way?

Hi Shapediver-Experts,

thanks a lot for your help on my last issues! :slightly_smiling_face:

This time I need to print out a PDF containing all the slider names and values, which where setup in the design process before on Shapediver. The PDF generation with squid really is no problem and works just fine on the platform.

But we struggle with the read-out of names and values of the sliders used in the .gh-script. Since the attached approach breaks the rules of not manipulating inputs of a script, it gets filtered when I upload the document. (11.9 KB)



So I was wondering if you have any other ideas on:
How to read-out slider names in order to print them to a PDF after finishing the configuration process? Are there Shapediver compatible ways of scripting this within the .gh-document?
Are there any solutions that do not involve scripting this in JavaScript with the API?

Thanks in advance for your answer!


If you are not manipulating slider values or properties, the script should not be denied. Just reading slider names and values is fine and allowed on the system. Is there more you are doing in this script that could have caused an issue? Otherwise it might have been denied on accident, try uploading your model again with a slightly modified version (add a line, change a name, anything so that you avoid the cached script and go through the check again). I will make sure that it does not get denied if it doesn’t break any other rule.

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Hi Mathieu,

thanks a lot for your help. Indeed it was some kind of a random problem. In my second upload it went through. I improved my code for reading the sliders a bit. In case somebody needs to do something similiar, I attach my definition here: (16.6 KB)

Have a nice week,


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