Sliders automatically renaming themselves according to what they're wired to?

I’m following the excellent online courses at ThinkParametric and during the demonstrations the Grasshopper sliders appear to be automatically renaming themselves the moment they are wired into the input of another component.

How is this happening? It really doesn’t look like they’re editing the videos to make this happen.

Anyone know this trick?

Here is a link to one of the videos


In the Display menu uncheck Draw full names.

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ah ok thanks Nathan.

Does the automatic renaming only work with sliders?

I actually don’t know, sorry.

Sliders will rename themselves based on the nearest connected parameter, unless you specify a name yourself. Other objects do not do this at present.

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Thanks for the clarification David.

Is there any reason for the absence of this behaviour when “Draw full names.” is selected?

Yeah, Draw Full Names is a hack that overrides the UserName of an object with its regular Name. Sliders will only adopt the name of their targets if the UserName is “Slider”.