Skyscraper wind analysis - Eddy 3D


I’m trying to run several wind analyses on different skyscraper forms in order to optimize its aerodynamic performance.
I had some success, namely the solution converged when testing a simple rounded rectangular form with a certain wind speed (10), but failed to converge after increasing it (I found the limit to be around 32).

So this is what it looks like when the solution converges:

This is what I get after changing only the wind speed:

It also fails to converge after twisting/rotating the building without changing the wind speed (compared to the first successful example), even though the mesh settings and the rest of the input parameters remained the same. The difference being that the simulation doesn’t crash immediately, but keeps going, though without convergence.

I’ve done a lot of testing in order to figure out how the plugin works, but it acts so randomly. I’ve tried different block sizes (10-20) and accuracy levels in MSet component but it was futile.

Could you, please, give me some points of advice on what to improve so I can get stable simulations?
Thanks in advance

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for reporting this. You are right, there were a number of robustness issues with the current version.
We overhauled schemes and mesh settings such that you should have a much better experience with the upcoming version.
I should be able to release it in a couple of days.



Hi, Patrick, thank you for the reply.

Can’t wait to try the new version, I’ll give you any feedback as soon as possible.
Two quick questions:

  1. The Uref input should be set in m/s since the velocity output from probing component is in m/s?
  2. The size, more precisely the width, of the wind tunnel changed in the version compared to the previous one. It used to be wider, like 3 times the height of the tested geometry on each side. Is that a bug?

This is how it looks now

Keep up the great work!