(Eddy3d) Outdoor Wind Analysis Result Problem During Iteration

Hi Patrick

First of all, in my view, Eddy3D is a fantastic plugin to work with outdoor wind and comfort analysis.
For my research, I am using Rhino.Inside.Revit to bring the BIM model into grasshopper for energy simulation. I am getting result when I am turning on the buttons (i am using Boolean toggle) to run the simulation. However, for some reason, I am not getting simulation result whenever I am changing the parameters of the buildings (Building height, length or any other BIM parameters) through Colibri. Am I missing something or Do I need to add anything to run the simulation successfully?
It’ll be great if I can get the guidance regarding this issue.


Figure 1 shows the result visualization, while Figure 2 shows the script presenting NULL data output from the simulation result while iteration.

Hi Aman,

Thanks for using Eddy3D!
I would suggest to run a single simulation that converges first and then fix the wind tunnel dimensions and all other inputs. At this stage, you should be ok to use Colibri.

  1. Generally, it looks like your simulation domain is too small for the size of you geometries.
  2. Additionally, if you do end up setting the dimensions yourself, try to set the outer diameter more appropriately. Please look at our papers to get a feel for what might be good dimensions. Something like this should be a good starting point.



Hi Patrick

Thanks for your guidance. I’ll definitely try that to fix the problem I am having now. Also, thanks for sharing the full text of the paper in Researchgate. It’ll be a great literature to follow.