Skylight needs speed improvements

Skylight needs speed improvements in rhino render. My rendering goes from 24 seconds to 35 minutes if I turn on skylight. At first I thought it was the chrome material but that renders quickly if skylight is not on but sun is and also custom reflections are on. I know this is a difficult thing but it would be great to optimize or hack this in some way for speed.

Currently I can’t use cycles as it’s just too slow on the simplest of things and I currently don’t have time to fool with it’s tons of settings to get out a test rendering. Not to compare but mental ray using IBL (image based rendering) can render my scene with a physical camera at night with fog, special illuminated materials, lens flare, and crowds of running people in 4 seconds per frame

Not questioning the Skylight speed improvement needs, but wondering what would happen if you rendered without Skylight, and then did matching viewcapture of your model in Arctic mode, and overlay than on your rendering in Photoshop in Multiple blending mode… Could it be a quick hack possibly? It should add zero time to the rendering, plus give you some control over the AO/Skylight intensity. I know this is not a solution for what you are asking for : )


Hi Jarek,
That’s a great idea!
Which brings up a request I was thinking of after you posted this.
In the rendering output it would be great to have the artic mode used as an ambient occlusion pass or underlayer that could be blended with the beauty pass or main rendering. It could have a few options similar to the exposure control and could be used in other renderings and ways as well. Rhino has alpha support so I think this would be a useful feature to add. Having the ability to strip out the ambient occlusion would be useful as well and since they already have artic mode Rhino could use that as a basis for this channel.
Going to try and see how the blending of the raytraced with artic mode works in ps.