Sketchup (dxf) to rhino (step)

Hi there!
Can anyone please help us…
We jused to be making our stuff with sketchup, but our suplliers need now step files.
Can anyone tell how to transfer them?
Ive tried with import, but then i dont see anything. I also tried just to open it and then make a step out of it. But our supllier said that they still dont see anything.
We can not make on such a short time all those drawings agian with Rhino who we are just new in.
If somebody knows… please let!
For now thanks! :relaxed: Suzanne

Hoi Suzanne -

Sketchup creates mesh objects and those can’t be exported in the STEP format. The simple answer is to use the ToNURBS command to convert these. How well that works depends on your machine and the amount of triangles. You should probably run MergeAllCoplanarFaces on the meshes before converting them. If Sketchup objects come in as blocks in Rhino, you need to explode these before doing any of that.

The remaining background question is why the supplier needs STEP files…