SketchUp 8- format no longer be available for download from 3D Warehouse

Maybe you could add a newer file type import option also into native Rhino5

Another one bites the dust!

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Does anybody have any tips on how to get a Warehouse model into Rhino without having to install anything on your PC?

I recently opened one that was later than 8 in the WIP - because it wouldn’t open in V5 - and then pasted it back into V5, but I have no idea what version .skp it actually was…


Well - I thought I had tried that last week. I had the impression that the WIP didn’t read anything newer than the 8 version but I must have done something wrong because now it works.
Thanks Mitch!

Next question: When I read the Warehouse sketchup file in Sketchup and export to version 8 and then import that one into Rhino 5, textures and all come in nicely in Rhino. When I import the Warehouse sketchup file into the WIP and use the Rendered display mode, the textures are missing.

Rhino 5:

Rhino 6 WIP:


Hi Wim -checking that, thanks.

@wim - it looks like you need to set ‘Use the Sketchup Texture Writer to create textures’ when you open these in V6:


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Thanks Pascal!

I’m still rather confused after trying a few more things.

I downloaded the table and chairs model from the warehouse either as SketchUp 2014 or 2015 version. Opened that in SketchUp and saved as version 8 model. Imported that in Rhino and in [my slightly modified] Rendered display mode it looks like this:

The shadows appear to be the result of the … > Rendered > Lighting Scheme > Lighting method > Scene Lighting setting that appears to be factory-default.

RH6 WIP I first imported the 2015/2014 version model with "SketchUp Texture Writer" checked and placed one viewport in Rendered and one in Raytraced with this result:

Then, in another Rhino session, I imported the version 8 model and turned on the sun to obtain shadows (the Scene Lighting setting doesn't produce them here...).

I looks like all textures are read now but something's off with the scaling of the floor.

Then, when I go back to that other RH6 session (the one with the 2015/2014 version) and turn on the sun there, all of a sudden more textures are read by the Rendered display mode but not by the Raytraced mode. Turning off the sun to make textures go away again doesn't work.


I don’t think the texture issuesin Raytraced have to do with lighting, but possibly is

But the floor isn’t cylindrical, is it?

Title is misleading, read the comments. There are problems with texture mappings and so on. Title is from initial find

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