Model to Rhino to product vs to Grasshopper to products


When i first touched industrial design (ID) in the 80’s - and i only did one ID course mind you - I was drawn away from it by point and click MacDraw from the i-thought-then clunky pencil or terminal-horrible drafting I saw coming for my (then-nearsighted) future - No offense to drafters, all my respect for those who had to do it that way, i’ve worked with architects but never IDers.

Im learning 3D manufacturing and ID design as a challenge passion hobby with possible avenues for my much needed change in career where i can work with my woodworking and auto-aero design and electronics (cnc, synthesizers in the least) passions .

So my question is when do you determine (or change your approach) between using simply drafting in Rhino viewports or using Grasshopper to make your model?

First approach looks antiquated now with Grasshopper around but Grasshopper is kind of like a re-invented terminal - not as natural as point and click!

I tried a bit of both. A knife handle to CNC entirely in GH. Then i added a scanned and 3D drawn blade but i managed to even make the blade in GH. And this week i managed to fit a mechanical assembly into an imported obj model. Quite happy about this one.

Thing is that I tried to draw a few models in Rhino only and wasn’t as happy. But some models if too detailed in GH i couldn’t do without the usual drawing in Rhino first.

I know this sounds like a ‘depends-answer’ question. But i would like to know under which constrains or need or workflow, one approach is better than the other?

  • need to make a model that will change in shape later = GH.
  • specific parts with lots of details = Rhino?
  • model organization? GH seems better suited in some ways - im refering in my humble view of things that GH can be used for project management - it’s not ‘GUI-tooled’ right for it, but looks very possible).

My view is still too simple - how do you work with material labor costs, material fitting (per cost or availability)?

Where is the sweet spot?

Thanks in advance - I still have lots to learn - i know this might not be the best forum to ask but i chose (fell in love with) Grasshopper as my new development platform and still have to learn much in the ‘designer’'s job. Trying to find the things i need to include in my workflow.

Cheers and stay safe!