Graph mapper divide curve

can someone tell what’s wrong with this definition? (23.1 KB)

Yes, sine waves are not linear. Your numbers are for division are going to back on themselves. Look at the output numbers and imagine them dividing a curve in order from 0 to 1. Also, you are putting these numbers into divide curve which is asking for a division count, not parameters. Use evaluate curve (reparameterized) or evaluate length instead. Additionally, you are plugging in values which range from 0 to 10 into a graph set to 0 to 1. Lots of issues here.

Oh, just realized. Those numbers are dividing that curve not once but 12 times lets say as per this image. The count will be a single number and then the parameter will be the remapped values.

Also, about the graph mapper, the domain should be changed in the graph mapper as well right? like the default is 0:1 to 0:10 in X and Y.

This is better logically. What do you think?

No need to change the Graph domain, that is a pain in the ass!

Reparameterize your curves for evaluate curve and use 0 to 1 values.

Graph Divider (7.5 KB)


Evaluate Length set to Normalized Length with 0 to 1 values

Graph Divider (7.9 KB)


If you did want to use sine type graphs, in Pufferfish there is a Linearize Numbers component to convert those kind of non-linear graphs into numbers usable for divisions / spacing.

Graph Divider (9.5 KB)


Thank you so much. This was helpful.