Simulating concrete injection

For a school project we need to simulate concrete getting injected into different shapes. Are there any tips, similar tests or simulations we can look into. We already found out that Kangaroo has alot of components that we can use to simulate forces. We found a simulation that could simulate inflation but we need to implement more weight with different gravity/material behaviour. Thanks in advance!

Welcome Nick,
What aspects do you want to simulate?
I know Annie Locke Scherer has been doing some concrete/fabric formwork simulation with Kangaroo as part of her research:


Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your response! Although the reference is interesting I think that we are looking for something slightly different. You can see it as a bag that is getting injected with concrete. The bag has a specific shape and the concrete just fills it out with its own mass. In the example file (sorry couldn’t find the source) the mesh gets filled constantly but in reality concrete doesn’t behave like that and it should first fill out the bottom surface. I hope I made myself a little bit more clear. Thanks in advanceinflate|attachment (16.0 KB)

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I am very sorry I think it is more helpful then I at first thought. Thanks will look into it and show the end results!

Hi Nick,
I wonder if you have any outcome from your simulation that you can show.
Thanks in advance

No not as fundamentally as seen in the research mentioned above. Ended up just visualizing it as seen here: Need help pressuring Kangaroo

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