Simplify tree

I tried to simplefy a tree as much as possible, but I want only it like {0} not {0;0}, is it possible? and if no, why??treesimplel

Use the Suirify component:

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I have rhino 5, does it work?

No, that is for Rhino 6 only.

I see! do you know what to do than?

If you don’t want to keep any branches just flatten the your tree. Or use Shift Paths!

Perhaps something this?

Here we have a way for R5. (12.3 KB)


Hi, I have created a video tutorial where I explain why to avoid simplifying data trees and what is the alternative which includes a way to get just the 0 as you need. You can check the video here:

Hi, @HS_Kim. It looks like a solution for the first impression but indeed it makes so much mess in code cuz u always have just one level of the deepness of branches. For me(Thanks :blush:), it works without an issue cuz I don’t need complicated relations between my objects but if you need them so you need smt different. Is there any solution for Rhino5 like we have in Rhino6 as a “Suirify”? Or how to imitate it?