[Bug/ Known issue?] Inconsistency between simplify and suirify component

Although this has been reported before here: Simplify a tree which contains a single item, component not working - #2 by DavidRutten, I find it odd that the Suirify component (aka the simplify component) does simplify trees with a single item and a {0;0;0} branch, whereas simplify on a component does not.

Actually it’s the other way around, Suirify has been made on purpose to address the Simplify issue.

Yes, this is a nightmare to work with.

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Ah right, legacy files and compatibility… Damn.

@magicteddy Where did you get the Smart Merge component from and what does it do?

I made it myself since I was exasperated by Merge :smiley:


I cannot believe this is a thing :sweat::
E: This is after a suirify, a simplify on a component and another suirify…