Multiplying dodecahedron

I have build this dodecahedron and I am trying to multiply it. But I want the surfaces to stuck together “right”.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-09 um 10.56.49

For example like this:

Has anyone an idea ? Thank you!

You might try the Parakeet plugin. It has 2D and 3D aggregating options.

Regular dodecahedra don’t pack nicely on a regular grid like some other solids do, so you won’t be able to use a simple array, and will probably need an iterative approach (scripting, or a plugin) if you want to build up large numbers efficiently.
Adding a few can be done by mirroring about faces, but without some way of looping this wouldn’t be a good way to make many. (14.7 KB)

Another plugin I think can be used for this is

I did some work on various polygon packing 10 years, ago, refer

You need Bullant (, here’s an updated example.

100903 weaire (5.5 KB)

Thank you! I will try the PlugIns Bullant and Parakeet!

Review multiplication and division with this FUN dodecahedron project! This activity is perfect to complete as a fun end of unit assessment, fun review project, or end of the year activity.

Is geometry gym service is free or paid @jonm

Bullant has been a free plugin for many years. We do rely on revenues from our other plugins to sustain full time support and development.

For some reason Bullant won’t show up on grasshopper. I downloaded it and got a .macrhi file. I opened it and it said “PlugIn installed”. I restarted rhino but the PlugIn isn’t in grasshopper.

Can Wasp be used with other geometries then hexagons?

Yes. Take a look at it

You can use Wasp, but like @DanielPiker said they don’t pack nicely. (27.5 KB)

But I couldn’t find the pricing in website

Michael were I can buy pre recorded design morphine video’s any link this there

Thank you for the Skript! I tried put some together “by hand” in rhino. I guess its just the geometry that doesn’t allow it to pack nicely.

I have a question to the skript:
I expected that if I switch the curve (beginning of curve field) to another curve the dodecahedrons will move around that new curve, which is not the case. Could you explain how I can put other Curves in?

Just draw a curve in rhino and reference it into the the curve component in the script (curve field group is right), maybe clear values before and press the reset button at the aggregation component, should work.

Oh, thank you! That worked. I didn’t see try reset button before.

From what I found about doecahedron packing at least in a planar grid a hex grid structure seems good.
I gave it a try, all values used are trial and error. (63.4 KB)