Simplify complicated sweep/organic geometry

Hello everyone, I have a question in regards to simplifying complex geometry. I have a relatively complicated truss structure consisting of a set of sweeps and fillets. However the bent surface that was generated by the sweeps seems to have generated really weird ISO-lines. In some places the sweeps generated cleaner results, but they seem to have created multiple faces when I boolean-unioned them with other polysurfaces.

All and all, I have an unnecessarily complicated object. Initially this proved to be a huge problem, because the brep-mesh that rhino generated (in all display modes) became really weird and jagged. I tweaked a bunch of the mesh settings in the properties panels which seems to have fixed it.

However I’m left with a huge problem now when I need to make it 2D. Not a single line seem to be generating correctly, and I just have no idea about what to do. Changing the unit absolute tollerance does nothing. I cannot quad-remesh it or turn it into a SubD without redoing the entire thing, and there doesn’t seem to be a MergeAllCoplanarFaces command for surfaces/faces that are organic or rounded.

Is there a fix? Perhaps a grasshopper script or something? I’d really need some nice drawings on this. Thanks!

Hi Alexander - two thiings to try -

  1. DivideAlongCreases > SplitAtTangents= Yes
  2. Move the geometry closer to the World origin.


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