Nurbs sweep1 polysurface to a simple clean mesh?

Hi all,

how to setup this and obtain a clean mesh with minimum triangle faces.
This is what I get and all faces are flat:

In your mesh settings, what happens if you use Detailed options and you check “Use simple planes”?

Your mesh also looks like you might have a minimum edge length and/or an aspect ratio set…


Hi Mitch,

i get quite similar result:

Is there a way to reduce the number of polygons to a minimum for such polysurfaces?
Thanks for quick reply!

Hmm, seems to work here…


MeshFrame.3dm(330.0 KB)

So far I cannot get the result you show, @Helvetosaur, are all the controls zeroed out?



Yep… Perhaps the difference is that I used RailRevolve instead of Sweep1 to create the frame… Does that make a difference ? Testing…

Yes! Sweep1 makes a meshy mesh…So something about the quality of the edge joins in Sweep1 is meshing this up…


Edit - the difference is that the Sweep1 edges are degree 3 curves with 4 points, whereas the RR edges are degree 1 and 2 points (otherwise known as a line)…

Aha- railrevolve- you cheater. No trims at the miters that way. Unmitered corners in Sweep1 is clearly not doing the same thing - it does not look right at all in this context.



Hmm… So it’s the trimmed miter joints causing the mesh problem…? Untrimmed miters in Sweep1 does indeed produce some lovely curved edges (how does it do that?).

And yes, if I Extrude the profile both sides, trim it at 45° both sides, PolarArray that around and join them into a nice closed frame, the meshing is perfect again…


Thanks, rail revolve method works in this case, i just wanted a clean wooden mesh frame with no need for additional mapping widgets. Strange thing is that the texture is also differently applied, see here: