"simple" settings for Luma Server, etc. not showing up

Hi, I’m new to Brazil, and I’m trying to follow along with the tutorial “An Introduction to Brazil for Rhino,” but it is saying to access the “simple” Luma server, etc. When I access the Brazil settings in my version (I’m running Rhino 6 and Brazil 2.0), the default settings show “Features” and “Wireframe,” and I can only see drop downs for the Luma server if I click the check box for “Expert Mode.” However, in expert mode, the Luma Server is not at all “simple,” which might be fine if I had done this before, but I have not and I don’t even know what these words mean (j/k, I know what some of them mean). In any event, I wanted to dip my toes in with the simple server, but I can’t find how to access that. Any ideas? I apologize if this has been covered - I tried to look through the topics but couldn’t find anything similar. Thank you!

Hi! Renee Lynn Ripley
I am also trying for a long time to learn and understand Brazil for Rhino. For quick use, if you press on the file. left to the expert mode you can find some rendering option. It might give you a nice rendering. Did you find instruction to use Brazil?