Have specific Brazil preset configuration automatically loaded when starting Rhino


We are developing a plugin to automate a rendering process. For this we want to have a specific (unchanging) Brazil preset configuration loaded when our customers start Rhino. Our customers should not have to select the presets themselves. Is this possible?

The workflow is planed as follows:

  • A user starts Rhino
  • A user loads a CAD-file (mostly *.stp and *.igs)
  • A users enters some parameters via the plugin interface (camera placement,…)
  • A user initiates rendering via the plugin interface
  • The plugin sets the correct render resolution and stores the image (this is working)

The Brazil render presets do not change but we want to provide some rendering settings with our plugin, mainly “Antialiasing” and a black environment map for rendering. The user should not have to load Brazil presets themselves. Is this possible?

What we already tried:

  • Saving our Brazil presets -> presets are set to default again when a new file is loaded
  • Overwriting “Brazil Main” presets -> presets are set to default again when a new file is loaded; it seems you cant’t overwrite “Brazil Main”
  • Creating a template with the correct Brazil presets -> correct presets are loaded when starting Rhino, but set to “Brazil Main” when loading a new document
  • Setting Antialiasing via RhinoCommon (ActiveDocument.RenderSettings.AntialiasLevel) -> Rendering is not affected

Follow up questions:

  • Can I load a specific Brazil preset directly via RhinoCommon?
  • Can I somehow set AntialiasLevel and a black render environment directly via RhinoCommon

Thank you for your time!