SimLab 3D PDF, GLTF, USDZ and JT for Rhino 7

It is always a pleasure for SimLab team to follow the great development of Rhino.
We congratulate Rhino development team on Rhino 7.

SimLab Soft updated plugins to support Rhino7.

  • 3D PDF Exporter
  • JT importer
  • JT exporter

New plugins were added to support Rhino 7

  • GLTF importer
  • GLTF exporter
  • USDZ importer
  • USDZ exporter

And we upgraded SimLab Composer integration plugin for having a great Path from Rhino to VR on all devices, including the newly supported Quest 2 and Pico

Plugins can be found in the following link

It would have been also a pleasure to us if you could have resolve our license problem for R6 instead of spamming 20 times your troubleshooting pdf and license when we aked for help from you

Sorry to hear that.
Floating licenses can fail due to many things, I guess that is why they sent you the document to

Reason for failure may include:

  • Changing Mac address of the sever
  • Using a Virtual machine as server
  • Firewall preventing connection with server
  • Using different version of software

The steps should help you know which one of those problems caused the issue, so it can be fixed.
You also need to report back to them your findings so they can help.

If you do not have this solved, I will be glad to arrange a zoom meeting with you to have it fixed, send me email to info at


Thanks for your help, but after 40 mails send to the Simlab support team and still no other help than “install the new .lic file, that should work now” we had to switch to Adobe

Hope this will change their behaviour

I really think we have a better connection with Rhino.
I am hopeful we will get you back soon.

Also in Rhino 7 plugin we introduced easy to use GUI