Exporting and importing .pdf3d, is it possible in Rhino?

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Is it possible somehow, using a plugin or not, to export and import .pdf3d, in Rhino?

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Hello! I have no direct answer to that, but consider going for a WebGL tool (like e.g. Koru - Free WebGL Export Software). It exports a html page, which any browser will be capable of displaying.
PDF3D is rather outdated.

It looks like pdf3d can handle many file formats.

Rhino’s not going to import pdf3d files as it’s a niche thing that has frankly been a flop, there’s no manufacturing or rendering reason to import these files instead of whatever they were made in, and at this point the thing to do to get Rhino support for Brand X other product is to ask THEM to support Rhino, lots of products do it.

SimlabSoft has a Rhino plugin for SimLab Composer that allows you to export your Rhino model to composer and then generate a 3D PDF file (or use it for rendering etc.). I’ve never tried to use it to convert 3D PDF files into another format, but you could try with the demo to see if that might give acceptable results thought it can’t export as Rhino files so you will have to use an intermediate 3D format that Rhino can import.

I use(d) it for software that couldn’t or still can’t export 3D PDF files directly from the program or 3D files of which I don’t have the original software used to create them and generally get quite good results.Of course it depends on the quality of the input 3D file so YMMV as usual.

Regarding SimLab products …
Has anyone had any issues with reliability, safety (virus, etc.)?
I’ve dld’d the trial plug-in and it seems to have worked well.
I’ll be trying Koru also.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

I’ve been using it for years and didn’t have any issues with regard to safety or viruses etc.
Regarding stability it has been quite stable for me though like any software it can crash when you stress it hard enough or when other running software interferes/conflicts with it.