Similar plugin like culebra?

Hello dear community,
I came across the plugin Culebra which interests me a lot, but unfortunately it doesn’t really work.
I own Rhino 7 and I suspect it is because that plugin culebra was made in 2016 for rhino 4 & 5.

Culebra Plugin


Now I wanted to ask whether anyone knows a similar plugin or a possibility to create such things directly in grasshopper?

With kind regards

As you suspect, this might be a dead add-on.

Your reference image depicts a particle or agent-based system, where the vehicle trails were recorded and thickened to form the structure. You can look into Craig Reynold’s boids, if this interests you.

In terms of plug-ins, I have no clue what is up to date in this domain. I usually script these things myself. There are lots of tutorials on this topic on YouTube.

Either way, you’ll need an in-depth understanding on how such a particle systems works, if you want to be able to control it.

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How about QUELEA ?

Or look at the ones on Food4Rhino when you search for Agent Based Modelling

that looks promising.
I’ll test it out in a moment.

Many Thanks