Similar plugin like culebra?

Hello dear community,
I came across the plugin Culebra which interests me a lot, but unfortunately it doesn’t really work.
I own Rhino 7 and I suspect it is because that plugin culebra was made in 2016 for rhino 4 & 5.

Culebra Plugin


Now I wanted to ask whether anyone knows a similar plugin or a possibility to create such things directly in grasshopper?

With kind regards

As you suspect, this might be a dead add-on.

Your reference image depicts a particle or agent-based system, where the vehicle trails were recorded and thickened to form the structure. You can look into Craig Reynold’s boids, if this interests you.

In terms of plug-ins, I have no clue what is up to date in this domain. I usually script these things myself. There are lots of tutorials on this topic on YouTube.

Either way, you’ll need an in-depth understanding on how such a particle systems works, if you want to be able to control it.

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How about QUELEA ?

Or look at the ones on Food4Rhino when you search for Agent Based Modelling

that looks promising.
I’ll test it out in a moment.

Many Thanks

I will be updating Culebra version 2 for Rhino 7 in the near future. Most of the features still work from what I saw, the main issue is the gradient trails option in graphics mode doesn’t work but both graphic polyline and disco trails work in graphics mode and the geometry mode still works as well.