Need help/tutorial on Grasshopper plug-in Nursery

Hi there,

I’m having a hard time finding tutorials on how to use the Nursery plug-in.
There’s none explaining the basis of it and the one that I found on Food4Rhino are not clear enough for me…
I just downloaded all that’s here and the unclear tutorials are here.

Pleeaaase, please enlighten me on this one!
Thanks a lot


Support e-mail id of the author: (from F4R) and
@gwyllim.jahn (his discourse id).


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It is like agent theory modulated to define behaviours and topology in GH. You have agents (mainly particles or particle structures) that perform operations (behaviours such as attracting or repelling each other) that change their state (position, relationship with neighbours or whatever) in an iterative way. It is like Kangaroo but focused on bio-inspired simulation.

The fields are similar but applied to space, instead of defining the behaviour of each agent, the behaviour of the space is defined (in each position an agent is modified in a certain way).

I forgot about this plugin, I have to play with it again.


Also check out the Quelea plugin. I tried Quelea first and followed the YouTube tutorials but have just had a look at Nursery and it makes sense based on what I learnt from Quelea. Both plugins look great!

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Thank you so much guys, really helps me

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