ShowToolbar bug

ShowToolbar command works only with toolbar names that are single words. For example, ‘ShowToolbar Scale’ correctly displays Scale toolbar.

The ShowToolbar command fails to display toolbars which have names made of two words. For example, a toolbar named ‘Draw Order’ cannot be displayed because the space between the two words (Draw and Order) is interpreted as Enter Key.

“Rhino for Windows” category is very broad. I believe that it should be split into 4 categories:

  1. Bugs, flaws, wishes, and suggestions.
  2. Gossip about hardware, software, and best ways of using them.
  3. Help for new, inexperienced Rhino users (newbies).
  4. Edicts from McNeel & Associates.

Hi Andrew- whenever Rhino is looking for text at the command line, any text with spaces must be surrounded by “double quotes”. This is because, without them, Rhino interprets the space as .


You should be able to surround toolbar names with quotes to work with toolbar with spaces:

ShowToolbar “My Toolbar With Spaces”

We’re still working out how categories should get set up. Thanks for the ideas.