Keystroke to temporarily disable selection filter?

curious if there is a way to disable selection filters in a command temporarily?

say i have the filter set to only curves because 90% of my selections are going to be curves for awhile, but every once in a wile i need to select a surface.

instead of going and messing with the filter toolbar, is there a keystroke that will temporarily disable the filter? kind of like osnaps and ALT i believe.

thank you.

None that I know of - I can see the use of such a feature but nothing is in place - a sort of workaround for now would be to toggle the filter panel using SelectionFilter - the filters are not in effect when the panel is not visible, but the settings are retained. It is a bit noisy visually…


Maybe you can try assigning this to a keyboard shortcut:
_NoEcho -SelectionFilter D Enter
seems to be working in-command as well; it basically toggles the SelectionFilter.

Just the boring old SelectionFilter command is a toggle all by itself.


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nice! I did not realize the visibility of the panel determines the filter being enabled (I guess you mentioned it before) - the advantage of the macro is there is no flicker of the whole panel, it can be on/docked etc. and it only toggles the “Disable” box, while keeping it on.


could a keystroke toggle be added as a wish? :wink:

might be a bug here. notice after i run the macro it disables, but i have one selected. when i run the macro again it toggles it back on but right clicking “curves” doesn’t toggle all the filters back on as normal.