ShowMeshWires in CRhinoVisualAnalysisMode


I tried to write a inheritance class based on class CRhinoVisualAnalysisMode. When I change the member “m_bShowMeshWires” to false, it should hide the mesh edge.

As you can see the pictures below, it does work in Rhino 5, but it doesn’t hide mesh edge normally in Rhino 7. I just wondering how to fix this problem, thanks.

Rhino 5:
Rhino 7:

Here is the sample code and model:
Sample.rar (689.2 KB)

Hi @nick_chang,

I’ve logged this issue so we can look into it.

– Dale

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Hi @dale ,

It seems that this problem has been resolved.

Is it possible to let me know what version of Rhino 7 should I update to? Thanks a lot.

SR14, I believe.

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RH-66241 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 14 Release Candidate