C++ SDK: Replacement for m_bShowMeshWires


I’m using the Rhino 5 C++ SDK, and within a display conduit, I would like to test if the option “Show Mesh Wires” in the display options is active for the current viewport (or the display mode used by the current viewport).

In the file rhinoSdkAppSettings.h, there is a class “CRhinoAdvDisplaySettings” with a member “m_bShowMeshWires”, but the class is marked as “OBSOLETE - DO NOT USE” and I do indeed always get false for this boolean.

I assume since this class was declared obsolete, there must be a replacement somewhere, but I haven’t found it yet - could someone please point me to it?


Ok, just found it.

const CDisplayPipelineAttributes* pipelineAttr = pipeline.GetObjectDisplayAttrs( pObject );