Showing what was previously shown

In step A, you have objects in your model and you hide some. In step B, you work on what’s left and want to hide some of what’s left. After you work on what’s left in step B, you run Show but when you do that, you will see all the objects in your model that were visible at the very beginning. Is there a command, that will only show you what was left in step B rather than take you back to step A? Something like a “LastShow” or “PreviousShow”?

It sure would be nice.

For Rhino 5, see Pascal’s Isolate script - towards the bottom of this page:

The command has been integrated into Rhino 6.

I don’t think that does this Wim. I have Pascal’s script and have been using it a lot but when you run UnIsolate, it shows everything.

Hmm… The version that is in RH6 works as it should, though. That is, you can hide things and then isolate something that you want to work on. When you unisolate only that was visible before isolating gets back. That what was hidden remains hidden.

That’s exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve been avoiding switching to 6. I wonder if Pascal has a script he can post for us?

Thank you, Wim.