Difference between Show and Unisolate commands



If objects are hidden with the Hide command, they can be shown only with the Show command. If objects are hidden with the Isolate command, they can be shown either with the Unisolate command, or the Show command. This behavior is strange and it seems that the Unisolate command is another example of the proliferation of Tweedledum and Tweedledee commands.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello - please try:

Make some objects.
Hide some of the objects
Make some more objects
Hide some of these.
Now, select one or two objects which you would like to isolate.
Use Isolate.
Work on your objects and then use Unisolate.
Then use Show.
Hopefully that will illustrate the difference.



@pascal is that only in Rhino 6?

Command line does not prompt anything in V5. I found an old thread that links to one of your scripts. Will download load it if this is a Rhino 6 only thing as it sounds interesting.

I saw in another thread that it appears Rhino 6 has a distribute command like your script that I have been using for years now. BTW thanks I use that a lot in V5.