Isolate tool seems to have erased objects

I just isolated a couple of objects and worked on them and when I went to Unisolate them it told me that there were no hidden objects. Rhino seems to have erased all of the hidden objects. I checked layers are there are no objects there. Has this happened to anyone before? I did do a save when the objects were isolated.


I never experienced that, my first suspects would be groups:
Might you have deleted objects grouped to the isolated objects ?


Well if you don’t unisolate the objects and you shut down the file, Rhino seems to erase those hidden objects. I just did a test. Any one know of a workaround to get those objects back?

Hello - use the Show or ShowSelected commands.



thanks that does work!

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Hello Pascal,
That makes me think to an old issue which is still there:
Isolate object, does not hide locked objects.

Thanks a lot bro… it was really help me