Show Visualization Graphs of Karamba 3D on the grid of values

Wallacei X is the best; its functionalities have left me perplexed. In particular, as an advanced user of Dynamo, I have realized the abysmal difference between the generative design of grasshopper with Wallacei X ; congratulations.

My question is directed to this video that I saw on your website, and I find it quite useful.
However, I have been looking in several places, and I do not know how I would have to pass the values to visualize them in the grid, check in the examples files, but only the basic use of the Wallace Analytics tools comes.

So I wondered if there is a place or someone who knows how I can do what is shown in the video; I show what I have so far and what I am developing for my master’s thesis.

Hi Luis,

Im not sure what you mean… but im guessing that you want to visualise the karamba legend for multiple phenotypes using the ‘Distribute to Grid’ component? The definition used in that video is available in the Example files when you download Wallacei (for Rhino 6 - its not available in the Rhino 5 or 7 downloads). I updated the definition so that it does what i think you want it to do.

Wallacei X_Karamba_ExampleFile_Distribute Legend to (66.7 KB)

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I downloaded for Rhino 7 so that was the reason that I didn’t see it, but now I try and if works really well I only needed to remove the title of stress and the empty value at the beginning, thank you very much @mmakki_10

Hi @jose.luis.rguez.hdez ,

would you mind explaining what exactly you did here I keep on getting the same legend everywhere.

@mmakki_10 Mohammed, could you please tell me where does the input for stress actually comes from so that I don´t get the same legend for every phenotype? In the file you posted it´s missing.
thank you in advance!