Using Karamba with a locally-run Rhino Compute server

I am trying to run a Grasshopper script that uses Karamba on a local instance of Rhino.Compute, without any success. I get various erroneous results - either all meshes calculated with the help of Karamba optimisation come back empty or I simply get a HttpStatus resonse 0 (unknown error as I understand) when trying to execute the GH script on Rhino Compute.

My system implements a modified approach of loading a Grasshopper file in Unity:

So, a GH scripts to together with the values of input parameters gets serialized and sent to the Rhino Compute server, with the calculated geometry being sent back and interpreted by Unity.

I am using Rhino 7; all the involved plugins, including Karamba, are in the correct Plugins folder of the Rhino installation. The GH script works correctly, including the Karamba elements, in Rhino 7 editor.

Has anyone had any experience with using Karamba on Rhino Compute? I would be grateful for any feedback.



What kind of Karamba license do you have? Zoo, Cloud Zoo or standalone?

Thanks for replying!
It is a Cloud Zoo license.

I should add that my Rhino installation is setup in a way that the license is fetched on Rhino startup, and everything works fine if I open a GH definition containing Karamba elements in the Rhino browser.

I have once managed too get the correct output from Rhino Compute and it worked stable during one session (several hours) but I wasn’t able to reproduce the sequence of actions that led to it.

Interesting that you managed to get it working once! I’m afraid this is a known issue. We’re working on getting plug-ins like Karamba to be able to fetch their licenses from the Zoo/Cloud Zoo when running in Compute. I’ll let you know when we have a solution.

Hi Will! Any updates on this?

No news on using Karamba3d with Zoo and Cloud Zoo licenses, I’m afraid. However, I did hear that a standalone Karamba license will work OK in Compute, so that’s something!