Show only curves with piping?

Hi :slight_smile:

Currently doing some furniture and using curve piping for the previews, which is great… But… In order for the curved pipes to show up in a rendered viewport, you need to turn on curves (no big surpise there!), thus displaying all the other curves, that don’t have piping on them. It would be nice to be able to display (or at least select, so that you could easily isolate, hide, group etc.) only the curves that have curve piping applied to them.

TIA, Jakob

hi Jakob,

I agree, +1,
In the meantime, I modified @Clement’s old scripts for similar thing:

Here you go (same limitation - it won’t check for ON status…)
SelPipedCurves.rvb (802 Bytes)

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Thanks a lot, @Jarek! Much appreciated!