Glitches: Rendered mode curve piping

Hi, the display mode Rendered has some glitches when it comes to rendering curve piping properly:

1: Curves (red) shows through at a distance:

2: If curves are tagged Off in display tab then piping is hidden as well:

In rendered mode I think the curve should be hidden and only the mesh be drawn when a curve is piped. Like it is in technical mode:

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Here is another glitch:
Curve piping doesn’t update the edges after settings are adjusted. Here I changged from radius 0.5 and 4 segments to radius 0.2 and 16 segments. As you can see the rendermesh updates but not the edges. If i move the object then it updates, and I can run Undo to get it back in place with the new settings.

Here is a glitch in tecnical:

It should not draw the “cage curves” when edge softening is applied as there are too many lines visible in the view.
The option to ignore the edge softening for technical modes would also be of good use.

Good catch Holo! Important. Lots of stuff made from tubing, obviously.

Just tested with rhino_en-us_6.0.17304.10081, problem is still existing.
Is there a development issue number already attributed ?